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CytoFruit® Waters

Better than simple water!

CytoFruit® Waters are organic active waters naturally processed by the fruit, and enriched in oligo-elements

cytofruit waters bio99

Concept plus:

  • 100% biologically active water from organic fruits
  • Closer to cell’s physiology
  • Enriched in oligo-elements
  • Protection of skin cell VS environmental stresses
  • Modulation of inflammation
  • Safe & dermo-compatible
  • Allergen free

Bergamot BIO99

A relaxing andrefreshing tone

Clementine BIO99

A nutritive feelfor the skin

Grapefruit BIO99

Resource with anatural cleanser

Green Mandarin BIO99

A caringprotection

Kiwi BIO99

A reinvigorationprotection

Lemon BIO99

A cleansing agentfor a pure skin

Red Orange BIO99

A capillarytonifying effect

Sweet Orange BIO99

A re-energizingwave

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