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Olifeel® Line

High-technology olive richness

Olifeel® Line is the high-technology olive richness developed from a patented soft process to reach specific cosmetic functions revealing a genuine skin feel.
Olive: the major source of inspiration for the cosmetic world, well-known since ancient times for its wide range of safe components, particularly suited for skin and body care.

olifeel line

from nature…

  • High-quality vegetal base
  • Sustainable supply chain
  • No food competition
  • Purest grades

…to the skin

  • Dermo-compatible
  • Affinity for the skin
  • Texture and skin feel
  • Wide cosmetic applications

Olifeel TD OW

100% natural O/W emulsifier

Olifeel E-Nat

100% natural W/O co-emulsifier

Olifeel E-Nat WO

100% natural W/O emulsifier

Olifeel® Pearls

100% natural gelling & texturing agent

Olifeel® TD7525

100% natural carrier & skin-feel enhancer

Olifeel® Butter

Naturally smooth

Olifeel® Butter XV

Extra Virgin Olive Butter

Olifeel® SQ

The liquid gold

Olifeel® Organic Oil

Certifed classic

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