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Specifeel® NH Butter

Non Hydrogenated, stable unique!

Specifeel® NH Butter is an innovative line of non-hydrogenated vegetal butters issued from patent-based technology offering various plant choice & protected natural benefits.

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Concept plus

  • Soft process
  • High drop point
  • Stable VS. oxidation
  • Batch consistency
  • Cosmetic benefits from native compounds

NH ButterApricot

Nutritive softness for matureskins

NH ButterArgan

Multi-benefits balancing rejuvenator

NH ButterAvocado

Film forming smooth moisturizer

NH ButterBaobab

Non tacky skin regeneration

NH ButterBlack Cumin

Spicy skin stimulation

NH ButterCoffee

Long-lasting skin energy

NH ButterMaracuja

Fruity skin nutrition

NH ButterRose Hip

A rich blossom for demanding skins

NH ButterPumpkin

A double-faced benefit for dry skins

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